Orvis upland sling vest/pack review

I’ve had a few upland vest/packs including a Wingworks, Badlands, and Cabelas Bird&lite. I’ve sold all of them for various reason. The Badlands was nice, but didn’t have water bottle holders (I prefer to water the dogs with bottles instead of a bladder). The Wingworks was heavy (albeit bomb proof) and the water bottle holders were so far back on the waist belt and tight, that I couldn’t hardly get them in or out without dropping the F bomb. The Cabelas pack (which is now discontinued) had really think shoulder straps that seemed to always get in the way of my shotgun mount.

All of that was stated as a preface to what led me to the Orvis Upland Sling pack/vest. I’ll list some features I like, and some I don’t.


  • Modular Molle attachments on the waist belt
  • A hip belt that supports the weight of the pack
  • One shoulder strap that wont interfere with my shotgun mount


  • With a couple of phez rooters in the game bag, the game bag sags a bit…which can be annoying.vest1

In the above picture you can see the lay out of all the waist or hip belt. With the molle attachment points, this can be configured however you like. Starting from left to right, I have a Tactical Tailor admin pouch which has two compartments that I carry my GPS, Leatherman, snacks, gloves, and maps in. The next is a water bottle holder that came with the vest. On the right side is another Tactical Tailor water bottle holder, and a shell pouch that came with the vest from Orvis.


This is the reverse side. On the shoulder strap you can see where I carry my SportDog TEK 1.0 controller, and the padding of the hip belt and back of the pack. In the far right corner of the picture you can also see an orange and white Brittany that thinks we’re about to go hunting lol.


Above is an attempt to show the interior compartment. I carry a first aid kit for both the dogs and I, and snacks in this compartment.

Overall I really like this pack. I can carry a ton of gear, water, and food with ease. There’s no shoulder strap to get in my way, and its modular enough to suit my needs. Keep in mind (if anyone is actually reading this) that Orvis redesigned this pack/vest, so this is the older outdated version. I’ve looked at the newer version online and it appears the main difference is the internal compartment design.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you got something out of this review.


On this here blog I plan to review some of the gear I use and like…or hate. I don’t get anything fo’ free or anything, its paid for with my own hard earned cash.

I wont review anything I haven’t used, and I wont pull any punches either. The reviews will be my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions (everyone’s got one, and they all stink).

Soon to be reviewed is the Orvis Sling pack, Stevens 555, and some boots I’ve been using (Lowa and Asolo).

2016 started right

I’ve been chasing down the devil longer than I care to admit, and three weeks into the new year, all that chasing paid off.

The very first covey of Chukar I ever saw, Molly ever pointed, I shot a true double on the covey rise. I honestly thought we found another covey of Huns, I was surprised to say the least when I made my way to Ace who had the first casualty located….CHUKAR??!!!!

I didn’t take too many pics, because I was busy slingin’ lead at the bird that has haunted me for two years. We had fun and headed home to close out the 15-16 as a total success.