2016 started right

I’ve been chasing down the devil longer than I care to admit, and three weeks into the new year, all that chasing paid off.

The very first covey of Chukar I ever saw, Molly ever pointed, I shot a true double on the covey rise. I honestly thought we found another covey of Huns, I was surprised to say the least when I made my way to Ace who had the first casualty located….CHUKAR??!!!!

I didn’t take too many pics, because I was busy slingin’ lead at the bird that has haunted me for two years. We had fun and headed home to close out the 15-16 as a total success.






2 thoughts on “2016 started right

  1. Sweet shots in all regards! Your liver-white mutt is the spitting image of Angus, ears down and all. Orange-white has the same cocky head as Peat. Very cool. Congrats on a great season end. Beautiful terrain. Nice blog. I look forward to seeing more!


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