2016-17 Season

As I sit here in March, I cant help but dream about where, when, and what I’m going to hunt in the up coming season.

My mind drifts, from state to state, species to species.

Sharptails, Chickens, Ptarmigan, Huns, Blue Grouse, Ruffs, Sage Grouse, Columbian Sharpies, Phez, Chukar, Scaled, Bobs….

I hope to spend the rest of the off season running the dogs, and dreaming about the sand hills, the mountains, cheatgrass, and sagebrush. I cant help but look at my two friends, Ace and Molly think of how I need to enjoy the getting while the getting is good. I don’t want to look back on their lives and say “man I should’ve took that trip”.

Who knows there might even be an antelope hunt or elk hunt mixed in there somewhere, but I wont waste much of my time on those.

I’m brain storming on a review of my Asolo Bajura boots, and my Lowa “whatever they are”….along with my Savage Stevens 555 in 20ga.

Until then, jam out to Micky and The Motorcars






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