Baptism by Fire

So a couple of weeks ago I tagged along on a Fly fishing trip to the Green River in UT. We were fishing the blue wing olive hatch. I had never attempted fly fishing prior to this trip.

Wow. I was humbled to say the least. Usually I am capable of watching someone do something, and vicariously I can pick up on things pretty quickly….like archery. Fly fishing is not archery I learned. In three days I caught one fish. One average size brown trout. I don’t even know how I caught it, luck I would assume. I did lose two others, which is fine because the fight was fun and truth be told I probably didn’t deserve to land them anyway.

I managed to snap my rod in half, but at least I didn’t fly out of the boat and knock my teeth out. The beer was cold, the company was great, and I learned an unbelievable amount about fly fishing in just three days. I suppose it would have been smart to make my fly start on smaller water and not in a boat. But hindsight is 20/20.

Am I a fly fisherman? Not by a long shot. Will I continue to dabble in fly fishing? Maybe. I also said I’d take a lot of pictures to document my trip. Truth be told I spent most of my times cussing and trying to get knots unknotted.

Things learned:

  1. Casting is hard, it seems impossible in 30mph gusts
  2. flys are expensive
  3. Nymphing is not as easy as it looks, especially in an ever turning drift boat
  4. Dr. Mcgillicuddy’s mentholmint is delicious and refreshing.
  5. I now know why bird hunting and fly fishing go hand in hand, they are both incredibly humbling at times.




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