Spoiled on the first day

I usually never find birds, its just a reality I’ve come to accept. However today was not like most days. I found (well the dogs did really) a group of sharptails right out of the truck. The conditions were crap though, no wind, hot, and the grass was tall. We only got a bit of a flash point as by the time the dogs got scent of the birds (which were up wind) they were smack dab in the middle of the group. I pulled my usually and wiffed on the first bird with the IC barrel, and dusted some tail feathers with the second MOD barrel. We were unable to locate any singles and the temps only increased. We pulled out after about an hour and a half of hunting (0800hrs). I most definitely should have been parking the pickup about 45mins earlier. This is my lucky year. I drew a public land Auodad hunt at the Palo Dura Canyon State Park in January of 2017. I only had two preference points and drew on the second drawing. The odds are about 10% chance of drawing. Hopefully I’ll get to include a quail hunt while I’m back in the homeland.






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