When The Planets Align

I went in search of a native bird that is over looked in these parts, a bird that has eluded me on multiple occasions. I arrived as the sun was peaking over the horizon and cut the hounds loose. After a single flushed wild I was concerned that my only opportunity for the day was gone but I was wrong. Molly’s body language told me birds were out in front of us, running, refusing to hold for point. After all these birds are wild and fight for their life every single day, and 9-11-16 was no different than any other day. As we continued to work into the wind we came to a choke point, where the cover gave way to a cut wheat field. Ace slammed on point, reading him I knew without a doubt there was a bird there. Molly to my surprise honored his point perfectly. I walked in, the sharptail flushed, and I did my part with the IC barrel of my Franchi Instinct 20ga. Time to head home and be grateful of a perfect day afield.



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