September has been good

Hit  spot this morning I’ve never been to on a whim, hoping I might find some birds. I sincerely hope my luck in September carries over to October and the chukar/hun season. About an hour into the hike after we turned to go with the wind (like the first sharptail hunt of the year) we found a large covey. Unfortunately no points came off of this covey as they flushed wild about 40yds in front of both Ace and Molly (who were up wind), but I was able to knock down a single the flushed wild after the covey. Saw about ten birds, shot at four, and got one. The new Franchi Instinct L has some good mojo, even if I should’ve had an easy limit with my first three shots. I will gladly take a bird in the hand after a fine morning afield. I love the high plains.

After seeing this little fella on the side of the road as I turned off the hwy, I had a good feeling.



3 thoughts on “September has been good

    • My wife didn’t buy it, until she saw the mangled mess my one bagged was. Looks like I centered it in the pattern. Two broken legs, a wing, and one breast that was barely salvageable.


  1. I hunted blue grouse here in eastern ore this weekend. I seen plenty of birds. I shot horrible. Had 3 birds I normally would knock down but went untouched. The rest were no shots or going thru the trees shots. Went with a friend and his 14 yr old son. We all got shots but never connected. The birds were veterans. We had 3 good hunts and seen birds on every hunt which doesn’t happen that often on national forest. Was a great day to be out hunting.


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