Filling the freezer

Well I got invited to one of those “if you come back here without me, I’ll light your pickup on fire” mule deer spots. My buddy was searching for a 180″ or better buck, and I was just there to tag along to help and maybe shoot something after he tagged out. Well he didn’t find what he was looking for and on the way back to the pickup we walked up on a decent little buck that I decided to take. I left my trusty Remington Mohawk 600 .243win at home in favor of a new to me TC Venture chambered in 308win. I learned a valuable lesson on 10-15-16. Don’t get cocky and take a marginal shot, no matter how confident you are. The buck was on to us and facing me at about 115yds when I decided to just take a “facing me” frontal shot. The 165gr. accubond hit about 3 inches right of where I aimed, and took out his front left shoulder, but that’s about it. The shot initially dropped the buck but he got up and bailed down a steep ridge (in the opposite direction of the pickup). At about 390yds the buck piled up but was far from dead. After closing the distance he was dispatched, and quartered for the pack out. I’ve never had a deer or antelope make it more than 10yds mainly because I always take a broadside shot…unlike this time. Lesson learned. The 2.5 mile hike back to the pickup was heavy (I carried two quarters, neck meat, backstrap/loins, and head), but it was worth it! With a pronghorn and deer in the freezer I wont be elk hunting this year (not that I’d actually finally harvest one).


On a past Saturday I did make a run to Chukar country. It was hot, windy, and the only birds found were on the drive out. I did get a speeding ticket in the smack dab middle of nowhere, so I didn’t come home empty handed. I have decided October is not Chukar time. November, December, and January are Chukar time. I say it every year……

Closed out September with a bang!

I left the house at 0330 hours in order to park the pickup at the break of dawn at my hunting area. After a couple hours of driving myself and a friend were hustling down a dry creek bed hunched over in order to get into position to fill our tags. I got within my self imposed 250yd range limit and let the Remington Mohawk 600 (chambered in .243win) do the rest. Two 100gr Winchester powerpoints later and I had an antelope to cut up. The buck stumbled all of 10yds after being hit. He was the first buck I saw that morning, and for my first Pronghorn, I think he was a nice buck. I ate the tenderloins two days later and I am now a HUGE fan of Pronghorn. The meat was unbelievably good, especially compared how what I always hear about Pronghorn meat.


On a side note I missed the Chukar/Hun opening weekend because my male Brittany Ace came up lame a week prior. He is on Dr. prescribed R&R in hopes his back heals with rest and meds. It appears one of his disc’s in his lower back was inflamed. I blame myself for not staying on top of his conditioning over the summer, and pushing too hard early in the season. I’ll be leaving him home on the 8-9th and only taking Molly in hopes of finding tons of birds for the 2016-17 Chukar/Hun season.