Closed out September with a bang!

I left the house at 0330 hours in order to park the pickup at the break of dawn at my hunting area. After a couple hours of driving myself and a friend were hustling down a dry creek bed hunched over in order to get into position to fill our tags. I got within my self imposed 250yd range limit and let the Remington Mohawk 600 (chambered in .243win) do the rest. Two 100gr Winchester powerpoints later and I had an antelope to cut up. The buck stumbled all of 10yds after being hit. He was the first buck I saw that morning, and for my first Pronghorn, I think he was a nice buck. I ate the tenderloins two days later and I am now a HUGE fan of Pronghorn. The meat was unbelievably good, especially compared how what I always hear about Pronghorn meat.


On a side note I missed the Chukar/Hun opening weekend because my male Brittany Ace came up lame a week prior. He is on Dr. prescribed R&R in hopes his back heals with rest and meds. It appears one of his disc’s in his lower back was inflamed. I blame myself for not staying on top of his conditioning over the summer, and pushing too hard early in the season. I’ll be leaving him home on the 8-9th and only taking Molly in hopes of finding tons of birds for the 2016-17 Chukar/Hun season.


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