How much can a guy lose in a season?

I turned 30 just a few weeks ago, and my mind is already circling the toilet. Whether it be a equipment from work (taser…which I eventually found after 3wks), or hunting gear I cant seem to find anything this year. I’m now ready to send a search party out for my Sitka jet stream lite (that I scored half off from a RMEF website sale). I’m gathering gear for a chukar/hun hunt that Im heading out on next week…I need that jacket.

So I guess I’m going to tell the wife to buy some of that ginkgo biloba stuff and keep looking for my all the shit that has disappeared.

I haven’t forgot where my bird spots are, thank God. Or that I’m heading to Texas in January for a one in a million public land aoudad hunt.



Small Game Fun

I’ve always wanted to take my .22lr and go out on a small game hunt. I look back at all the time I wandered the woods back in Texas and didn’t hunt squirrels. I decided to change that this year, albeit in a much different setting compared to Tejas. I also enjoy practicing with and shooting rimfire rifles. Its great fun, and helps you brush up on fundamentals.



And then headed back to the pickup…

I ended up bagging the two I shot at (in three shots). The fist (pictured) was a single head shot at about 75yds taken from a kneeling position. My .22lr is a Savage MKII F. I cut the barrel down myself with a hacksaw (to 16.5″..its legal), flat filed it, and recrowned it with a brass screw and drill. It shoots lights with Eley ammo


I have some stew going right now.

Some days….


Exceptional Hun numbers were found in some of the most beautiful country I’ve hunted. No partridge were harmed in this hunt because of a couple of reasons: 1. Cover was sparse leading to them flushing wild 2. Molly found, pointed, and promptly bumped several coveys before I could get down to her. Molly’s shortcomings as a bird dog is my fault, as I didn’t work her all off season due to being stuck in a hospital for 3 months. Oh well it was a great day, and a great workout for both man and beast…..we’ll be back.