Pre-Season Prep

Less then one month until Pronghorn archery season opens, prep time is in full swing. Even though I failed to draw a buck pronghorn tag (including the leftover does that happen in Wyoming!!???), I do have two doe tags. Archery antelope opens August 15th, and I will be out attempting to harvest a doe via spot and stalk with a bow. Archery practice has been fantastic and I’m going to accept the challenge this year.

I sent the budget 6.5 Grendel mountain rifle down the road. For no other reason than I wanted to do so. I have sine replaced it with a Savage 16 lightweight hunter in .308win. Total weight with a Leupold 2-7×33 in Talley lightweight rings/mount is 6lbs 5.25oz, so under 6.5lbs. It has “brisk” recoil, but shoots pretty good for being less than $500 for the rifle. In total the complete setup is well under $700.00.

I’ve also been doing plenty of google maps research for new Chukar spots, and have obtained permission slips for multiple WHMA’s that I think will provide Chukar hunting about 3hrs from my house. I’m pretty pumped.

So season as it looks now

August: Antelope

September: Early season sharptails and archery Elk (probably wilderness area)

October: Elk and Deer (rifle)

November: Chukar and Huns, maybe late season cow elk if I still haven’t filled my tag

December: Chukar and Huns, late late season cow elk if im still super desperate.

January 2018: Chukar and Huns, Hopefully another Tejas Aoudad hunt.


Let the games begin!!!!!!!