Small Game Fun

I’ve always wanted to take my .22lr and go out on a small game hunt. I look back at all the timeĀ I wandered the woods back in Texas and didn’t hunt squirrels. I decided to change that this year, albeit in a much different setting compared to Tejas. I also enjoy practicing with and shooting rimfire rifles. Its great fun, and helps you brush up on fundamentals.



And then headed back to the pickup…

I ended up bagging the two I shot at (in three shots). The fist (pictured) was a single head shot at about 75yds taken from a kneeling position. My .22lr is a Savage MKII F. I cut the barrel down myself with a hacksaw (to 16.5″..its legal), flat filed it, and recrowned it with a brass screw and drill. It shoots lights with Eley ammo


I have some stew going right now.